The Compassion In Action
The Compassion In Action

About Us

Compassion in Action is a faith-based, action oriented missionary project that has been around for eleven years. We obtained our non-profit status in 2018 to allow those interested in supporting our efforts a tax-deductible way to give. We are organized exclusively for charitable and public service within the meaning of section 501(c)3. 

Our goal is to continue addressing the needs of motherless children and widows in the rural areas of African communities. We are currently aligning ourselves with the demand these communities have for a portable water system. 

Your tax-deductible donations help us to afford the boreholes needed to meet the rural communities fresh drinking water needs. 

Our History

The History of this organization was birthed out of the heart of Robert Okereke who began his journey over eleven years ago. It all started with a passion to help widows, and motherless children in Nigeria by providing them with transportation, clothing, school and other essential supplies along with funding medical needs.  

Robert Okereke would take two trips a year to Nigeria to provide for several tribes and villages. He has been very instrumental in assisting in the construction of small bridges in rural areas to enable those within villages the access to the marketplace and other social amenities that can only be accessed outside their immediate area.   

His work in Nigeria has grown to the place where he realized he would need the support of others, therefore he decided to become a tax-deductible organization. 

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